Cleaning Out: Mom Trick

So we've talked about cleaning out your kids toys before.  A couple times.  It can be hard to have toys disappear.  You wonder if they are going to notice or not.  Now, the worst thing you can do is traumatize your child, especially older kids, by getting rid of their things.  You always have to remember that what looks like junk or no-fun-anymore to you can be something special to them.  If a child is old enough and you think they could understand the concept, it is great if you can involve them in giving away toys to kids who don't have as many.  Still, sometimes things just have to go!

I like to keep those toys in some kind of holding pattern.  If he asks for them, I can get them back out.  If nothing over a few weeks or so, goodbye!

Do you do this trick?!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

i literally throw those things in our garage. it is a disaster in there once again. need. a. new. system.